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Rewadix Special Promotions

Free Robux Promotion -  Record a Video!
1. Record video about Rewadix
Record a video about our website, it's features and how it works.
2. Upload video to YouTube
Upload recorded video to your channel with minimum of 15 subscribers. Include https://rewadix.com link in the description.
3. Get your free credits.
Email us at [email protected] with title "VIDEO PROMO".
We will assign you bonus Robux!

You will get 20 R$ for uploaded video.
100 R$ if video has 2500 views.
250 R$ if video has 5000 views.

If you do not have any subscribers - you can still make a video and send it to us. If we like it, we will credit you with Robux!
Daily 200 Robux Giveaway (10 winners)
How to join?
1. Earn at least 5 Robux on Rewadix.
2. Send this message to 5 or more of your friends on Roblox chat:

When you do this, you will automatically be part of daily giveaway! The more messages you send the higher your chance to win is!
If you earn over 200 R$, you become part of crazy daily 5,000 Robux giveaway!
Earn R$ and claim up to 700 Robux in coupons!

Follow our Instagram to get 1 R$ bonus!

Earn Daily - Get Robux!
Complete some offers (earn minimum 10 R$) every day for a full week (7 days in a row) and get rewarded with 50 Robux!
Earn over 200 R$ today to get a chance to win 5,000 Robux in daily giveaway!
Want More Rewards?
Check out or "Bonuses" page to get free case spins for completing different achievments!