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Rewadix Special Promotions

Record a  YouTube, TikTok or Instagram Video!
1. Record a video about Rewadix
Record any kind of video about our website, it's features and how it works.
2. Upload video to YouTube or TikTok or Instagram
Upload recorded video to your channel \ account with minimum of 15 subscribers. Include link in the description or on the screen.
3. Get your free credits.
Email us at [email protected] with title "VIDEO PROMO".
We will assign you bonus Robux!

You will get 20 R$ for uploaded video.
100 R$ if video has 2500 views.
250 R$ if video has 5000 views.

If you do not have any subscribers - you can still make a video and send it to us. If we like it, we will credit you with Robux!

Daily 200 Robux Giveaway (10 winners)
How to join?
1. Earn at least 5 Robux on Rewadix.
2. Send this message to 5 or more of your friends on Roblox chat:

When you do this, you will automatically be part of daily giveaway! The more messages you send the higher your chance to win is!
If you earn over 200 R$, you become part of crazy daily 5,000 Robux giveaway!
Earn Daily - Get Robux!
Complete some offers (earn minimum 10 R$) every day for a full week (7 days in a row) and get rewarded with 50 Robux!
Earn over 200 R$ today to get a chance to win 5,000 Robux in daily giveaway!

Want More Rewards?
Our "Bonuses" page lets you get free case spins for completing different achievements!

Our "daily quests" page gifts you free Robux every single day for completing simple daily objectives!